June 2002

Broccolo Discusses Integrating
Business and Spirituality in Health Progress

The May/June 2002 issue of Health Progress magazine featured an article
by Jerry Broccolo, STD, vice president of spirituality for Catholic Health Initiatives. The article, "Integrating Business and Spirituality," was adapted from his presentation to the 86th Annual Catholic Health Assembly held in Atlanta in June 2001. An excerpt from the article appears below.

To read the entire article, see Health Progress, May/June 2002, p. 36.

What if we really took this conviction – that we have been called to a ministry that builds healing relationships – and made it more than just pious words? What if we made it the principle of organizational alignment, integration, strategy and performance? What if we made it the measure of organizational performance?

I realize that talk like this makes some people nervous. They feel that spirituality cannot be a measure of performance. They say that spirituality is too soft to put your hands on, too shapeless to measure.

I disagree. I believe that it is possible to understand mission as more than assurance of a legacy, as more than care of the poor or those who are marginalized, as more than just the good intentions or motives we bring to work every day. I believe it is possible for mission to become the principle of organizational alignment, performance and development.

I believe that the spirituality of a distinctive culture can be assessed
and developed, provided that one first finds behavioral indicators that demonstrate the core values underlying the culture. Once you have identified those indicators, you can hold people accountable for their performance in terms of customer relations, staff relationships, community partnerships and effectiveness of leadership, or whatever other areas you decide are important.

– Jerry Broccolo, STD
"Integrating Business and Spirituality"