June 2002

Leadership Letter from Patricia A. Cahill, Esq.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Cahill_color Photo

Dear Catholic Health Initiatives Family:

Current events in our world serve to remind us that peace does not always come easily. To create peace is often much more difficult than to create conflict. This is something that children all over our country learn when they see today’s newspaper headlines or catch the news on radio or television.

To show our children–and to remind ourselves–that it is possible to create
and sustain peace in our world, we encouraged all of you to take an active part in the second annual Day of Awareness, Prayer and Reflection for Peacemaking on June 21. Although this was just the second Day for Peacemaking, many of you have made it a community event by involving local ministerial organizations, neighborhood schools, community leaders and social organizations. With prayer, reflection, art and music, you spread the message of peace in your communities. At the same time, Catholic Health Initiatives joined with the Catholic Health Association and other organizations to make the Day for Peacemaking a truly national event.

Achieving any large-scale or lasting measure of peace in our turbulent world
may seem to be a dream beyond our reach. However, it is important to remember that a peaceful world begins in our own hearts and minds. When each of us nurtures peace and understanding in our lives, it has a ripple effect that benefits all those around us. By making a commitment to peace every day, we can help each other and those we serve to create the kind of world we want today’s children to experience.