May 2002

Two Market-based Organizations to Share Leadership

Two market-based organizations in North Dakota — Carrington Health Center, Carrington, and Mercy Hospital, Valley City — will combine their administrative leadership by sharing a president/chief executive officer and a vice president of finance. "This decision will help assure continued delivery of quality patient care while increasing the two market-based organizations’ ability to recruit and retain the talent needed to lead them through the health care challenges of the future," said Larry Schulz, senior vice president of operations for Catholic Health Initiatives.

Carrington Health Center and Mercy Hospital each provide rural health care in similar settings. Each has Critical Access Hospital status and uses the same accounting system. "They will continue to operate as separate market-based organizations, but by combining administrative duties they will advance their opportunities to share expertise and leading practices," said Schulz.

Catholic Health Initiatives will work closely with the boards of directors at both organizations to transition to the new structure and search for a new president and chief executive officer. Marshall Stenslie, the current interim president and chief executive officer at Carrington, will once again serve as the executive vice president of that organization. "His experience in this role will help assure the success of the combination," said Schulz. "And while Jane Bissel, the current president and chief executive officer at Valley City, is not interested in the expanded chief executive officer role, she is excited by the opportunity to apply her substantial background as vice president of finance to the much larger fiscal demands of the combined leadership model."

Catholic Health Initiatives expects to fill the role of president and chief executive officer for Carrington Health Center and Mercy Hospital later this spring.