March 2002

An Updated Vision Statement for Catholic Health Initiatives

At the beginning of the strategic planning process, the Steering Committee asked key stakeholders if Catholic Health Initiatives’ Vision Statement should be revisited. A majority of those surveyed said the Vision Statement should be re-examined and reaffirmed. Accordingly, the Steering Committee recommended changes to the Vision Statement, which were approved by the Board of Stewardship Trustees. Specifically, the Board approved the elimination of the word "traditional" and the phrase "into integrated networks" from the Vision Statement. The rationale and support for the recommendation was that the idea of "…transforming traditional health care delivery into integrated networks…" now has too narrow a meaning and was more appropriate to the organization’s recent past than to its future. The new Vision Statement is: Catholic Health Initiatives’ vision is to create a national Catholic ministry which will live out its mission by transforming health care delivery and creating new ministries that promote healthy communities.