March 2002

Saint Francis Medical Center, Grand Island, Neb.

0302sfmc Photo

During fiscal year 2001, Saint Francis invested more than $15 million in its community by providing care to individuals and families who were not able to pay; providing medical education, services and cash donations; and subsidizing health services due to shortfalls in Medicare and Medicaid. The Saint Francis Foundation placed an additional $500,000 into the community through grants and distributions from its Endowment Fund. These funds help provide programs and services that would otherwise require tax support, such as student wellness, child safety and parish nursing programs. Saint Francis’ economic impact report and commitment to community benefit drew praise from the Most Reverend Lawrence J. McNamara, bishop of Grand Island. "Each time I receive and read a report from Saint Francis, I am both deeply grateful for living in Grand Island and being actively associated with our great medical center – and excited about what the future is yet to bring," Bishop McNamara wrote to Michael Gloor, president and chief executive officer of Saint Francis. "Needless to say, I was both deeply gratified and extremely proud of the $15 million given to those in need. God be praised!"

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