December 2001

Leadership Letter from Patricia A. Cahill, JD,
President and Chief Executive Officer and
Kevin Lofton, Executive Vice President
and Chief Operating Officer

12_01patandkevin Photo

Dear Catholic Health Initiatives Family:

In this season of reflection, all of us in the Catholic Health Initiatives family can look back on a number of important events and accomplishments that took place during 2001. Two that stand out are winning the National Quality Health Care Award for 2001 and the wonderful celebration of our organization’s fifth anniversary. These are bright lights in the history of Catholic Health Initiatives.

However, those bright lights do not overshadow the countless day-to-day accomplishments of our staff, physicians, board members and volunteers. In fact, iit is the compilation of these accomplishments – things as simple as a comforting word that increases a patient’s satisfaction or as complex as improving a market-based organization’s operational performance – that enables Catholic Health Initiatives to achieve large-scale success. Catholic Health Initiatives is strong only because of the strengths, talents and commitment of each of our family members.

A year that brought such high points also brought times of tragedy, the reverberations of which will be with us for many years to come. The events of September 11 have left all of us not only with great sadness, but new concerns about how terrorist acts could affect the well being of the communities we serve. We know that Catholic Health Initiatives will face these and other challenges in 2002, not all of which can be anticipated. But, we also know that you will continue to meet every challenge with your resilient spirits, intelligence and compassion for all.

Please accept our best wishes for a peaceful holiday season.