December 2001

St. Joseph in Towson adds two more all-digital cardiac catheterization laboratories

St. Joseph Medical Center, Towson, Md., has opened two new, all-digital cardiac catheterization laboratories, bringing the total number of laboratories to four, plus a fifth laboratory that is dedicated to electrophysiology and pacemakers. The first two all-digital catheterization laboratories opened in May 2001 and have significantly increased the number and quality of cardiac catheterizations the medical center can perform. The all-digital systems do not require film, but provide instant digital on-screen imaging, which saves time while providing sharp clarity of blood vessels and stents. St. Joseph performed 5,700 cardiac catheterizations during fiscal year 2001, the most of any medical center in Maryland. The four laboratories give St. Joseph the capacity to perform up to 7,500 catheterizations per year. For more information, contact Vivienne Stearns-Elliot, media relations, at 410/337-1536.