December 2001

Catholic Health Initiatives Teams with MedShare to Donate Medical Supplies

In developing countries where hospitals and clinics lack even the most basic medical supplies, individuals can receive medical care only when they provide their own supplies. However, supplies are usually scarce, and when they are available they often cost more than an individual can earn in a month.

To help market-based organizations donate their unneeded medical supplies and equipment to developing countries, Catholic Health Initiatives has joined forces with MedShare International. "By participating in the ‘We Care, We Share’ program, market-based organizations can save thousands of dollars on waste removal, clear storage space of unused equipment and fulfill their social accountability commitments," said Peggy Egan, OSF, PhD, vice president of mission and healthy communities for Catholic Health Initiatives.

MedShare will provide participating facilities with labeled collection barrels to be placed in convenient locations, such as operating rooms and central supply closets. Staff members will place donations in the barrels. The collected supplies and equipment can be shipped to MedShare International’s headquarters as often as necessary.

MedShare sorts, evaluates, inventories and sterilizes all donations, then packs them for shipment to communities in need. MedShare also supplies all donor organizations with written assessments of the dollar value of their donations.

The Catholic Consortium for International Health Services and the Catholic Medical Mission Board are also collaborative partners in this venture.

For more information or to find out how your organization can participate, contact Peggy Egan, OSF, at 610/358-4560 or