November 2001

Catholic Health Initiatives Introduces Employee Recognition Program

Catholic Health Initiatives has created a new program to recognize and reward national office and service center employees for exceptional contributions to the mission of the organization.

The Employee Recognition Program includes a variety of methods for providing recognition, ranging from custom-designed greeting cards to cash bonuses throughout the year. The major award categories include:

• Employee Service Awards, which recognize milestone employment anniversaries with special gifts.

• Legacy of Care Spirit Certificates, which recognize the outstanding behaviors and attitudes of employees who go the extra mile to accomplish a goal or who consistently serve as outstanding citizens of the Catholic Health Initiatives community. These awards are gift certificates that employees can redeem at their choice of more than 500 restaurants, hotels, travel merchants and retailers.

• Legacy of Care Achievement Awards, which recognize individuals or groups that exceed expected levels of achievement on major projects or program initiatives that advance Catholic Health Initiatives’ strategic vision, clearly demonstrate preeminent performance and generate significant, quantifiable outcomes. These awards are cash bonuses given throughout the year.

According to Michael Fordyce, chief administrative officer, "The Employee Recognition Program has been designed as one component of a total array of employee compensation and benefits that reflect the core values of Catholic Health Initiatives and empower employees to use their unique gifts in service to the healing ministry."

For more information about the program, contact Dan Haus, vice president of compensation, at