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CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health Behavioral Health Center Opens

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After an extensive physician search and the renovation of a new facility, the CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health Behavioral Health Center opened to patients and families on Aug. 7. Located in East Lampeter Township, PA, the new center is led by a team of dedicated mental health professionals. They will work with and support families to treat and prevent behavioral health and psychiatric challenges faced by children in the community.

“We began this journey in fall 2015, determined to change the course of child and adolescent behavioral health in the Lancaster community,” said Philip Goropoulos, president of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health. “Behavioral health is a great need in the community, and both children and families are looking for forward-thinking treatment options.”

The Behavioral Health Center’s innovative, family-focused approach will incorporate family functioning and the health and well-being of parents and caregivers into each child’s treatment strategy. The team of providers includes a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in the care of children. They will work with each child’s family to make changes in their daily lives that will improve the health and well-being of the child and of the entire family.

The new Behavioral Health Center has already begun partnering with local school districts to provide assessments and treatment strategies for children and families based on school referrals.

Although public and private insurance will be accepted, the new Behavioral Health Center will provide mental and behavioral health services for children in Lancaster County regardless of insurance coverage. A discount program based on household income is available to uninsured families.