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Memorial’s New App Puts Hospital Wayfinding at Users’ Fingertips

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To help patients and visitors find their way around campus, CHI Memorial, Chattanooga, TN, introduced a new, free wayfinding app. The CHI Memorial app includes maps of all floors of the main hospital, with indicators for key locations, such as cardiac services and the outpatient lab, elevators, eateries, restrooms, nurses’ stations, and even the gift shop.

With QR codes posted throughout the facility, a patient or visitor can scan a code (using the CHI Memorial app scanner) to open a map that shows the user where they are. When the user selects a destination, the CHI Memorial app draws a path on the user’s smartphone, with friendly turn-by-turn instructions. The software picks the best path and indicates the correct elevators when going to different floors.

Each path is segmented, and as the user completes each segment, they press the NEXT button to bring up the next segment of the route. The software will display what is on the left or right to confirm that the user is going the right direction.

The app saves the most recent route so users can reverse their path and navigate back to where they began. Learn more at